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    App Monitoring Toolmaker Sentry Acquires Code Coverage Provider Codecov

    Sentry, a leading provider of dev-first app monitoring, acquires dedicated code coverage tools makes Codecov.

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    New CLI Tool Allows Java Devs to Add 'Fuzzing' to JUnit

    Code Intelligence's CI Fuzz CLI tool now allows to Java developers to incorporate fuzz testing into their existing JUnit setups.

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    AWS Introduces Lambda SnapStart for Java

    AWS unveils a new performance optimization feature called Lambda SnapStart, designed to improve startup times for latency-sensitive applications, and initially aimed at Java developers.

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    BlackBerry's QNX Tech Now Available to Embedded Devs in the Cloud

    BlackBerry announces that it's extending its use of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to make its QNX techn available to mission-critical embedded systems developers in the cloud.

  • Class-Action Lawsuit Claims GitHub Copilot is Violating Open-Source Licenses

    A lawsuit filed in a U.S. Federal Court in San Francisco claims GitHub Copilot, which trained on billions of lines of publicly-available code, is violating the legal rights of those who posted code under open-source licenses.

  • The Citizen Developer
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    Key to Citizen Developer Success: Set Everyone’s Expectations Properly

    Low-code/no-code platforms enable people with little or no coding experience who know the processes being supported and the functionality required to build the apps themselves. Realizing the potential of these platforms in your organization, our columnist explains, will require some planning and a shift in expectations.

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    ScaleOut Software Introduces New Java Client API

    In-memory database solutions provider ScaleOut Software introduces a new Java client API for its ScaleOut StateServer distributed caching platform.

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    Neo4j Announces GA of its Next-Gen Graph Database

    Graph database pioneer Neo4j announces the general availability of the latest update of its namesake offering this week: Neo4j 5.

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    GitHub Rolls Out Upgrades for Copilot and Others at GitHub Universe

    GitHub made some big product announcements at its annual GitHub Universe conference in San Francisco, including expanded access for business users of its Copilot AI-pair programming tool.

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    Microsoft Visual Studio Code for Java Now Supports Virtual Threads

    The October update of Microsoft's Visual Studio Code for Java comes with updates in the code editing and debugging experience, thanks to the Java 19 preview of Virtual Threads in Project Loom.

  • The Citizen Developer

    If You Can't Beat 'em, Support 'em!

    Our new monthly columnist starts a conversation about at the evolution of a relatively new role in the enterprise enabled by platforms that radically change the nature of how applications are assembled, and which may hold the key to a more productive relationship between business users and IT.

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    Java has a 'Commanding Lead' with App Log Data

    New Relic's just released "2022 State of Logs Report" captured data gathered from millions of applications within its observability platform, and half of all logs ingested by language agents came from Java.

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    IntelliJ Gets Azure Cosmos DB Support in Microsoft Java Tooling Update

    The latest update of Java on Azure Tooling, announced last week, comes with new support for the Azure Cosmos DB and enhancements to Azure Virtual Machine functionality.

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    Oracle Joins the Micronaut Foundation

    Oracle has joined the Micronaut Foundation, the not-for-profit organization established to advance innovation and adoption of a popular open-source, JVM-based framework for building microservices and serverless applications.

  • Popular Previews and Incubating Features: Java 19 Now GA

    Oracle announces Java 19, a short-term release with previews and incubating features from OpenJDK projects Amber, Panama, and Loom.

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    Fedora 37 Now in Beta

    The Fedora Project has announced the beta release of Fedora Linux 37, the latest version of the free and open source Fedora Linux operating system.

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    White House Calls for 'Attestations' of Secure Practices from Third-Party Software Providers

    White House publishes guidelines requiring government agencies to obtain formal assurances from third-party software providers that they are following secure software development practices.

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    Lightbend Changes Licensing Model for Akka Amid Accusations of 'Cakeism'

    Lightbend, the company behind the Scala JVM language and developer of the Reactive Platform, is changing the license on its Akka technology from Apache 2.0 to the BSL v1.1 (Business Source License), starting with Akka v2.7, which is set for release in October.