• OpenAI's Altman is Out... Or Maybe He's Back

    The OpenAI board fired CEO and co-founder Sam Altman on Friday, but investors want him back. The drama continues.

  • The Citizen Developer
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    Building Apps Through Conversation

    Microsoft's Copilot in PowerApps allows devs to describe the app they want to build, and then an AI will design it for them. This development has our columnist almost speechless.

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    OpenJS Foundation Announces Availability of Node.js 21

    The OpenJS Foundation announces Node.js 21, the latest release line of the open-source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment and library for running web applications outside the client's browser.

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    New Zenhub Enterprise Release for On-Prem Teams

    Zenhub releases an upgrade of the enterprise edition of its namesake productivity management and collaboration platform for organizations required to host critical data on-prem rather than in the cloud. It's "a brand-new platform experience," the company says, that removes the need for users to have a GitHub account.

  • A Prompt by Any Other Name: IBM's Watsonx Gets a Generative AI Enhancement

    IBM is set to integrate a prompt tuner into a component of its watsonx enterprise AI and data platform. Our editor in chief wonders if prompt engineering really is a "game-changing skill," and why some companies paying those who have it so much money?

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    Salesforce Unveils Einstein-based AI Dev Assistant

    Salesforce expands the reach of its Einstein AI tech with a new developer assistant embedded within its ecosystem. Calling it Einstein Copilot all but standardizes nomenclature originated with GitHub's Copilot

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    AWS Requires KDP Authors to Disclose AI Generated Content

    AWS is now requiring self-publishers on its Kindle platform to disclose whether their uploads are AI-generated. This new requirement unveiled as AWS’s "Addition of AI Questions to KDP Publishing Process."

  • Oracle JDK 21 LTS Release: More Features from Loom, Panama, and Generational ZGC

    The latest implementation of Oracle's Java Development Kit (JDK) has arrived. Oracle JDK 21 is a long-term support release (LTS) focused on serious performance improvements, stability enhancements, and security upgrades.

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    JetBrains Launches New IDE Designed for Rust Programmers

    Dev toolmaker JetBrains has created a new IDE called RustRover designed specifically for the Rust system programming language.

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    Oracle Unveils GraalOS for Faster Cloud-Native Java Apps

    Oracle announces new Java-based deployment tech, GraalOS, that uses the Oracle GraalVM Native Image to run apps as native machine executables to take advantage of the latest features of Arm and Intel processors on Oracle OCI.

  • The Citizen Developer
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    Help Your Citizen Developers Succeed and Thrive: Start Small!

    If you want your fledgling developers to succeed and thrive, our columnist advises, give them some "band-aid" projects they are likely to solve. It will build their skills and their enthusiasm for the role.

  • New Spring AI Project Aims to Streamline App Development

    VMware unveils a new the Spring AI project, which aims to streamline the development of Java apps that incorporate AI functionality.

  • Will Azul's ReadyNow Orchestrator Finally Solve Java’s Warmup Problem?

    Open-source Java platform provider Azul announces ReadyNow Orchestrator, a new feature of its Platform Prime designed to reduce warmup time for Java applications.

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    Is IBM's Latest Watsonx Release the GenAI Answer to Mainframe Application Modernization?

    IBM is set to preview the 'Watsonx Code Assistant for Z,' which is designed to speed up the translation of COBOL to Java on the company's line of z/Architecture mainframes.

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    Will Microsoft's RWA Pattern for Java Lure Devs to Azure?

    Microsoft recently announced the availability of its Reliable Web App Pattern for Java Tomcat--a potentially powerful move to attract more Java developers to its Azure cloud platform.

  • The Citizen Developer

    Artificial Intelligence and the Citizen Developer

    The evidence of the growing impact of AI on the tools and platforms used by citizen developers is inescapable, our columnist observes. If the low-code/no-code platform providers are embracing the value of this "collision of computing crazes," shouldn't you?

  • The Citizen Developer

    Climbing Out of the Skills Gap: What a Citizen Developer Needs to Know

    The "software skills gap" is nothing new, and it keeps getting wider because we can’t seem to train enough coders fast enough. The solution a growing number of organizations are turning to is the citizen developer. But according to our columnist, a great citizen developer needs more than basic training.

  • Waratek Adds Log4J Scanner and API Security to its Java Security Platform

    Waratek combines a Log4J Vulnerability Scanner and API security in its Java Security Platform to provide users with the ability to scale strategic risk mitigation in the enterprise.

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